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Our Business

Teaching two-month-olds to seniors has been a blessing. No limits exist when you want to find inner bliss. Contact me and let your dreams take flight.

Who We Are

 I discovered yoga when I was an undergraduate at Penn State University. It was the one exercise that made me feel whole. I decided to devote all of my energy towards the 2oo RYT. It has been a wonderful journey to work with clients of all levels and ages.

 I have been blessed to practice on vacations in Florida, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and California. Taking yoga to the beach was a natural step. Feeling the sun, grounding in the earth, and listening to soothing surf is a sublime experience. Living on the coast is where all my pleasures have collided.

 Teaching while pregnant and teaching to infants and children is energizing. Literally feeling new life blossom is so complimentary to connecting with the prana, life force and energy, that flows within us.

  Senior classes are enlightening. I always leave feeling like the students have given me so much. Always open, willing, and delightful, I feel so grateful to work with those who have so much wisdom and experience to share.

 As a mother, runner, surfer, and yogini, I feel that yoga is the one thing that culminates all of my joys. From yoga I have learned patience, to slow down, enjoy the moment, stay open, and to go with the flow. 

 I hope you find as much joy as I have in our journey together.

Life is a series of moments, enjoy them.



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